Why choose the Halcyon Therapy Group

At Halcyon Therapy Group, we know that when life throws you a curveball you need to speak to someone fast - not in three weeks’ time.

That’s why we do things differently.

Our approach - known as concierge therapy or boutique psychology - is a discreet, VIP service for individuals whose status, lifestyle or position prevents them from attending traditional therapy settings.

The Halcyon difference
Concierge therapy is tailored to fit around your busy life. You’ll be given your therapist's personal cell number so you can contact them at any time between scheduled appointments.

Delivered via telehealth, it’s also convenient and flexible - you’ll never miss a session because the babysitter canceled, your meeting ran over or you got stuck in traffic.

An integrated approach to health
Our therapists and coaches are available on call. You simply pay for the services you receive.

We don’t accept insurance because we know our clients value having the privacy and freedom to set their own treatment agenda.

We offer an integrated approach to therapy and will work with your private medical team if requested.

The benefits of Halcyon Therapy Group`s concierge approach

Private Convenient Flexible
We use HIPAA compliant video software to protect your privacy and information online. Enjoy confidential help wherever you are in the country. Providing therapy in 28 US states and coaching worldwide. Get customized support exactly when you need it. Session times and frequency are personalized to meet your needs.
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