Individual Therapy

Running a successful business or working in a high-pressure environment has its advantages. But what about the challenges? The things others don’t see?

Too much to do and not enough time, fatigue, continuous stress, and complaints that you’re always working or don’t prioritize your family.

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Couples Therapy

Have you and your partner reached a stalemate when it comes to working through your differences?

Does every conversation result in an argument or leave you walking on eggshells for days?

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Executive Coaching

Do you want to be in control of your career, your results, and your time?

Do you need guidance, counsel, and support to help you and your organization reach its full potential?

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Psychological Assessment & Testing

Halcyon Therapy Group offers a variety of virtual psychological testing services.

Our clinical psychologists are experienced in video assessments, allowing you to complete testing in the comfort of your home rather than traveling to an unfamiliar or unknown setting.

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Practice Consulting

Dr. Landry has a passion for helping clinicians grow and develop their own private practices.
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