Psychological Assessment & Testing

Halcyon Therapy Group offers a variety of mental health evaluations.

Our clinical psychologists are experienced in video assessments, allowing you to complete testing in the comfort of your home rather than traveling to an unfamiliar or unknown setting.

During an initial consultation, we’ll discuss the referral question, explain the testing process, answer your questions and arrange a time for the assessment.

We’ll meet again virtually and complete the test via video call. We may also ask to speak to members of your family or significant other.

Once complete, we’ll compile a comprehensive report which we’ll discuss with you during a detailed feedback session.

Available services:
  • Adult ADHD
  • Gestational Carrier/Surrogacy
  • Psychological Evaluation for
    Adoptive Parents
  • Pre-surgical Screening
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Diagnostic Clarification of
    Mental Health Disorders
  • Organ Transplant
  • Independent Medical Examinations
  • Personal Injury Evaluations
  • Llearning Disability
  • Fitness for Duty
HOURLY INVESTMENT: Rates vary by provider and service. Please contact us to discuss.

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