Concierge Therapy: The New Norm for Busy Individuals

Do you find yourself struggling with overwhelming emotions? Are you struggling with anxiety? Maybe you’re very busy and beginning to think traditional therapy just isn’t meant for you. If you’re looking for a new approach to help you on your mental health journey, concierge therapy is for you.

What is concierge therapy?

Concierge therapy is personalized mental health services. It is counseling or therapy intentionally on a small scale. Therapists accept few clients at a time to remain available and open for their clients. Clients can contact their therapist at the moment they’re needed. They don't have to wait until their next traditional therapy appointment.

What are the benefits of concierge therapy?

With concierge therapy, you are the priority. You will never be just another number. It is designed to serve you with increased privacy. It also offers more flexible availability. Due to its virtual nature, it also offers a more comfortable environment. It gives a more personalized care advantage than traditional therapy.  Concierge therapy offers benefits such as:
  • Personalization — Clients receive unique care. This care is not hindered by insurance restrictions or prior authorization requirements. Therapists can easily give the quality of care you need and deserve. 
  • Convenience — Therapists are well equipped. They understand the difficulty and suffering you may be going through. They recognize the courage it takes to seek help and come to appointments. With concierge therapy, they offer more dedicated and convenient care. You’ll never have to go far or wait for the help you deserve. 
  • Flexibility — Therapists intentionally limit their number of clients to offer their clients the most access to care. They have less structured schedules. This ensures clients are able to receive dedicated care when they need it. 
  • Session length — Sometimes a traditional therapy timetable isn’t enough time for a client to fully process everything. Clients may feel cut off or that they didn’t receive closure on their particular issue at hand. Concierge therapy offers unique flexibility. This enables clients to take all the time they need instead of being pushed out when their allotted time ends. 
  • Privacy — Privacy is very important. With a certain stigma around mental health, concierge therapy offers complete confidentiality. Insurance companies often require a specific diagnosis for treatment authorizations. It also gives them access to your healthcare records. Private records are never shared without your consent. 
  • Quality — With a limited number of clients, therapists can spend time reflecting after your session. This allows them to give you the highest quality of care. Concierge therapy also allows your provider the freedom of time and ability to better their continued learning by staying current on their field developments. 
Concierge therapy strives to be small in numbers and big in focus. The priority is always giving the client the most convenient and accessible care. This care is both needed and deserved. 

Who can benefit from concierge therapy?

Concierge therapy isn’t for everyone. However, certain people can flourish in the intimate environment it can provide.  Those most likely to thrive in the unique care offered are those who:
  • Struggle with mood disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder or postpartum depression.
  • Have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.
  • Struggle with anxiety.
  • Deeply value an individual personalized connection with their therapist.
  • Are busy professionals who value the convenience of care on their schedule.
  • Have experienced trauma.
  • Are navigating relationship struggles. 
The exclusivity offered by concierge therapy ensures those who seek it receive the best care.

What you should expect in your concierge therapy session

With concierge therapy, clients experience top-notch, personalized care from their therapist. Each session is a reflection of what you most need at that moment. Therapists provide you with a sounding board for problem-solving, a sympathetic ear or whatever you need.  The flexibility of scheduling ensures you won’t be shooed out of the room after a certain elapsed time. Telehealth offers the benefit of not needing to commute anywhere and staying in the comfortable environment your home provides you.  Clients receive direct access to their therapist as needed. This is provided through multiple means of communication such as chat, email and video calls. Providers aim to return communication quickly. They can also offer same or next-day appointments. Their flexible schedules allow them the ability to keep slots open for additional sessions as needed by their clients.

How to seek concierge therapy

Concierge therapy is an exclusive service that offers the highest quality of care to a limited number of clients at a time. Your mental health care is the top priority. Do a thorough search to find the therapist who fits your needs. Not every therapist is a perfect fit for every client.  Concierge therapy offers the personalized mental health care that you need in the way you want it — on your schedule. 

Therapy is at your fingertips 

Life is complicated and messy. When it comes to mental health, we believe there’s no one-size-fits-all. At Halcyon Therapy Group, we understand just how important you and your unique situation and perspectives are. That’s why we offer a suite of services tailored specifically to you and your needs. You deserve better, and we are here to help. Book your complimentary consultation today and start living the life you always dreamed of. 

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