Physician burnout: Addressing the epidemic

Physicians and medical professionals are in demand, and they’ve been in demand for a long time. Doctors are tired. They’re so tired that they’re not even sure if they’re depressed or experiencing burnout, in some cases. So what’s to be done? Quitting your job can’t be the only answer. As the medical community acknowledges the detrimental impact of burnout on both physicians and patients, coping strategies such as therapy and executive coaching have gained prominence. 


What is physician burnout?

Physician burnout is complex and has many different factors. These factors can include the high-pressure environment of modern healthcare, such as heavy workloads, long hours, administrative burdens, and intense patient demands. These factors can contribute significantly to the emotional exhaustion experienced by physicians. The chronic stress and emotional strain may cause some medical professionals to distance themselves from their patients to protect their own well-being. The sense of a reduced personal accomplishment that comes with burnout can erode a physician’s self-esteem and their belief in their ability to make a positive impact on their patients. 


Physician burnout may have far reaching consequences, including: 

  • Decreased attentiveness,

  • impaired clinical decision making,

  • an increase in medical errors,

  • Decreased job satisfaction,

  • And lower positive patient outcomes.


If you’re a physician or work in the medical community and feel burned out, it’s time to take that feeling seriously. You can recover from burnout and  find joy in your life and job again.

How to cope with physician burnout

Exposure to extreme stress and exhaustion can create a whole host of issues — especially when it’s for a prolonged time. Many find that their mental health affects their physical health, as well. If you’ve noticed that you’re constantly overtired, have a hard time thinking or struggle with caring about anything, you may be experiencing burnout. 


Here are some ways you can cope with burnout as a physician or medical professional: 

  • Take a walk. Studies have shown that taking just a 20-minute walk can help clear your head and reduce stress. 

  • Eat nutrient-dense meals. Skip the fast food, cupcakes in the breakroom and the vending machine, and instead opt for foods that are loaded with nutrients.


  • Prioritize sleep. One of the best ways to reset after work is to make sure you’re getting adequate amounts of sleep each night. You need about eight hours of sleep per night. 


Sometimes, you need more help than what you can do on your own — and that’s OK. Many find it beneficial to work with a licensed mental health therapist or an executive coach. Both psychotherapy and executive coaching can offer a tailored approach to addressing physician burnout by focusing on the individual development and growth of each client. Here’s how you may benefit from psychotherapy or executive coaching if you’re struggling with physician burnout:

  • Setting proper boundaries,

  • creating achievable goals,

  • and learning effective strategies to manage stress.


Physician burnout doesn’t have to continue to hold you in its grasp.


Physician burnout is a critical challenge in today’s healthcare industry. It threatens the well-being of medical professionals and the quality of care for their patients. As the medical community recognizes the urgency of addressing this epidemic, turning to therapy and executive coaching can help alleviate the symptoms of physician burnout. 

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