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10 tips to handle situational anxiety from a certified therapist

Feeling anxiety is a natural reaction to perceived threats, real or not. Experiencing anxiety occasionally doesn’t mean you are living with an anxiety disorder. In fact, some people only experience anxiety situationally. Situational anxiety can have you experiencing symptoms of anxiety when facing specific situations. Due to the occasional nature, situational anxiety is different from anxiety disorder.

Executive coaching: From burnout to fired up

Executive coaching is an executive coach meeting one-on-one with the senior leadership (president, director, vice president, or other C-suite members) of an organization. It aids the executive themself to better themself personally and professionally. By achieving this, it allows them to better help and encourage others to also learn and grow.

Life transitions: Your guide to navigating the stress and anxiety of change

Change and the life transitions it brings can be stressful and scary. It’s okay to be leery of the unknown. It takes everyone time to adjust to new normals. Some life transitions are more difficult than others and can spark more intense stress and anxiety, or even other mental health problems.

Stay-at-home mom depression: What’s “normal” and what’s a warning sign

Emotions are a natural part of life — the good and the bad. We cannot fully enjoy the happiness in life without the occasional struggles. There is no shame in seeking help when you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom. It shows great strength and courage to admit you need help with your struggle with depression.

Cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety: how it works

Despite anxiety being the most common mental health condition, only about 37% of those affected seek treatment. While anxiety doesn’t go away, there may be help found in cognitive behavioral therapy.

Dating a partner with anxiety can be exhausting: How do I help?

Keeping a relationship healthy can be difficult, especially with anxiety. Here are a few tips for supporting a partner that has anxiety.

Three reasons women’s mental health matters

While progress has been made recently, the women’s mental health epidemic is still overlooked. Here's why women’s mental health matters.

15 questions to ask your partner to deepen your intimacy

Do you want to feel closer to your partner or have a stronger relationship? Here are 15 questions to ask your partner to increase intimacy.

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